Swiss Ortho Sleep 6 Inch Coil Spring Mattress, King

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The Better Mattress Company a renowned mattress company, is proud to to bring to you the all new Swiss Ortho Sleep 6 Inch Coil Spring Mattress in 4 sizes, twin, full, queen, & king. The coil spring mattress is more sensitive to pressure and temperature. The pocket springs are high quality that enable the  mattress to mold better to the contours of an individual’s body. Swiss Ortho Sleep® is the best individually encased coil Mattress in ultimate quality & comfort Better Mattress offers yet. The Swiss Ortho Sleep 6 Inch Coil Spring Mattress is made from 13 gauge springs for more durability. The pocket springs are phenomenon and of high quality. This mattress is temperature sensitive. It is also body forming, super heavy and  it is a high-density mattress. It features the best breathable cover for a superb night’s sleep. This mattress is excellent for all body types and weights. It is also rigorously tested for comfort and for long lasting density. Its 13 inch gauge coils and comfort foam act as an ultra combination for comfort that removes pressure points, and tossing & turning at night by contouring to the body. This Swiss Ortho Sleep® bestselling mattress allows our bodies to be supported by the semi firm coils for long lasting use.

It is made from superior quality materials in the market and it comes with a 10 year warranty. The Swiss Ortho Sleep 6 Inch Coil Spring Mattress is very Popular and features Pocket Encased Coil Spring.The coils are  Pocketed, Encased and are Certified Independently. This Swiss Ortho Sleep® Mattress is temperature Sensitive, body forming, super long lasting, high quality & extremely durable, for  years of undisturbed night’s sleep.
Each individual  pocketed coil is individually & independently wrapped to provide a support system for an individualized comfort by contouring. The contouring matches precisely to each person’s body perfectly.The Swiss Ortho Sleep 6 Inch Coil Spring Mattress doesn’t transfer motion, for a peaceful undisturbed sleep even if your partner moves at night.

The Swiss Ortho Sleep® signature motion isolation pocketed encased coil mattress is made for maximum deep comforting undisturbed sleep. Independently pocketed encased coil mattresses allow blood & much needed oxygen to circulate & flow more efficiently throughout our bodies by relieving the pressure points. As a reminder Swiss ortho sleep® always comes with a 10 year warranty.
It uses the technology of vaccum compression that allows it to be rolled, packed and delivered in a box for convenient delivery. Please allow up to 72 hours for it to settle in its original shape when you open the package.


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