Choose a Japanese Futon Mattresses, Shikibutons, Kakebutons for a Comfortable Night

October 09, 2023 25 min read

If you find it challenging to find the type of mattress that offers enough comfort and stability for your back or are tired of a sturdy and large bed frame taking up most of the space in your room, then a Japanese futon mattress is an excellent choice.

If you need to free up space in your room or need an additional sleeping area, you may want to consider a Japanese futon mattress. These mattresses are space-saving you can use as a couch or bed, depending on your requirements. For example, you can unfold the futon for sleeping at night and transform the bed into a couch during the day. For added comfort, you can use a cushioned, thick mat underneath the mattress. But you may be wondering about the benefits linked to Japanese futon mattresses?

Shikibutons, better known as traditional Japanese futons, are slightly different from the standard futons. The differences lie in the design, making them extremely versatile products. The traditional Japanese futon has a rectangular shape or design; they are slim and come with foldable cushions that contain a cotton filling. These types of futon mattresses offer cushioned comfort and support. The standard thickness is usually 3-inches, with a few that are 4-inches thick.

We know that there are several brands of these mattresses but do we know the best ones? Buying a good Japanese futon mattress does not have to be hard. To get a good and authentic one, you have to browse through 1000s of reviews. Luckily enough, we did that for you. We sifted 1000s of feedbacks, and we have settled with the best 15 Japanese futons: Shikibutons, and kakebutons in the market out there. Even though we know that the best depends on your preference, we focused on the most common traits people have toward these mattresses.

Which Are the Best Japanese Futon Mattresses?

We browsed several major online stores for reviews such as Amazon, Walmart, and more to rate these futon mattresses. They were rated for price, comfort, shipping, customer service, among many others. We listen to what the users are saying and echoed it here. However, we encourage you to read a few reviews yourself to ensure the futon you will be buying suits your needs

Main Feature

1. EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress

Simple, basic but quality sleep

2. EMOOR Compact-Sized Japanese Futon Set

Comes with kakebuton, shikibuton and a pillow

3. Japanese Organic Cotton Shiki Futon Mattress

Made with organic cotton

4. Maxyoyo Japanese Futon Mattress

Constructed with several layers

5. IKEHIKO Japanese Traditional Igusa Tatami Mattress

Durable and high-quality material

6. FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon

Best choice for new floor sleepers

7. MustMat Japanese Traditional Tatami Mattress

Easy to clean and maintain

8. Rolling Bed Japanese Mattress

Comfortable and good for your back

9. D&D Futon Furniture Japanese Floor Rolling Futon Mattresses

Has straps for easy storage

10. Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon Foldable Mattress

Hypoallergenic, antibacterial core

11. Oriental Furniture Tatami Mat

Rice straw filling for durability and strength

12. Colorful Mart Japanese Futon Mattress

Breathable and moisture-wicking

13. Magshion Japanese Futon Matress

Lightweight to carry and fold/roll

14. EMOOR 3-Piece Japanese Futon Set

Easily foldable for storage

15. J-Life Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon

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Made in the U.S.A.

1. EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress

EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress is at the top of our list, mainly due to all the positive reviews this product has received. Made in Japan, users consistently mention how comfortable these mattresses are. Materials used to make this mattress are of high-quality, which makes it comfortable to sleep on. It has also undergone anti-mice and antibacterial processes. These are environmentally-friendly processes that last as long as three years.

This futon mattress also comes with a Tatami mattress made from 100% Japanese rush grass. The actual futon mattress contains 100% cotton, which is what makes these mattresses so comfortable. The EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress also comes with a cover.

Support and Comfort

The mattress’s thickness promotes a great night’s sleep, and it offers durable support for your back. The manufacturer also guarantees that this Shikibuton is one of the best sleeping surfaces for your back. Once you rest on one of these futons, you will quickly forget all your worries, helping you fall asleep quickly and in comfort.


Its 2.5-inch 100% cotton makes this futon comfortable to sleep on. Simultaneously, these sleeping surfaces are also long-lasting, withstanding wear-and-tear, along with anti-tick and antibacterial properties. The bed also comes with a polyester pad inserted into the soft filling. Even though this futon is firm, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or hard to sleep on.

The mattress is available in various sizes, similar to regular mattresses. These sizes include king, queen long, queen, full, twin long, and twin.


  • Easy to store and fold, freeing up room space
  • Stuffed with anti-mite and antibacterial
  • Only weighs 11 lbs
  • Includes a 200-thread count 100% cotton
  • Affordable.
  • Can also be used in your car


  • Can be too firm for those that prefer a soft mattress


2. The EMOOR Compact Futon Set

EMOOR Compact futon features a set of 3 and can be used as a topper. ?It can also provide a surface to sleep on when placed on the floor. If you need more seating for your guests, you can even put the futon on top of a sofa frame. What’s especially great about this set is that it includes everything you need: a pillow, a comforter, and a futon mattress. Buying this package means you’ll have fewer purchases to make.

While it might look a little bulky, it’s lighter than it seems. You can easily fold the mattress and store it as needed. When you want to use the mattress, all you need to do is unfold it and place it in the desired location. It’s incredibly easy to use.

Support and Comfort

Because of a plush polyester fiber stuffing, this mattress is very comfortable to sleep on. Budget and comfort are two of the primary considerations people have when buying a mattress. We think this is an extremely comfortable option, but the price point might be a turnoff for some buyers. Although it’s firm, it won’t cause back pain. It can provide a restful and pleasant night of sleep. It’s received rave reviews on many e-commerce sites like Amazon.


One of the many reasons that this futon has received such positive feedback is its cover, which is made out of a 100% cotton fabric. It’s plush, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial. Inside the futon is a fire retardant polyester filling.

This option is considerably thinner than the majority of mattresses you’ll find today. Still, thanks to its design, it can make a great mattress topper and works very well with tatami mats.

It’s available in a single size, twin. The dimensions are 37.41′ x 76.80″ In addition to the mattress, you’ll receive a comforter, which measures 59.07″ x 78.77″. The pillow measures 16.93″ x 24.81″.


  • The set provides all the essentials
  • It’s compact and portable
  • It has a 100% cotton cover
  • The company provides stellar customer service
  • Makes a great mattress topper


  • May not be thick enough for some users


3. Japanese Organic Cotton Shiki Futon Mattress

Among the top is this traditional Japanese Shiki Futon which is made from layers of organic cotton and encased in an organic cotton twill fabric. You can use the futon on either the floor or on a tatami mat. The best thing about this futon mattress is that it is breathable and is made with pure organic cotton. It is also lightweight and is designed to be rolled up and stored away when not in use. If you need more comfort, the shikibuton is customizable by layering two or more right on top of each other. The layering of the futon mattresses provides a softer sleeping surface for those who get uncomfortable with only one mattress.


Made with organic cotton, this Japanese futon is natural, and the fiber that makes it are renewable, biodegradable, and sustainable. To add to it, the organic cotton is breathable therefore keeping the mattress cool. Also, is never itchy, and it is grown pesticide-free, and free of any harmful chemicals.


  • Made with natural organic cotton.
  • Breathable, therefore, sleep cool.
  • The organic cotton used is grown pesticide-free.
  • 100% USDA Certified Organic Cotton Fiber.
  • 7 oz. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric


  • None


4. Maxyoyo Japanese Futon Mattress

The MAXYOYO, Japanese Floor mattress, is one of those versatile products that serve different purposes. You can use this futon in your living room or bedroom, or as a play mat in a child’s room, a guest bedroom, or keep it in your car when you are traveling.

These mattresses are packed tightly, which is why you should allow the mattress to dry outside when unpacking the product. The sunlight will help your futon to return to its original shape quickly. It will take around three days to restore its thickness.

It is the only futon mattress brand with a 5-layer construction with the bottom and top layers made from brushed cotton. The filling consists of 3 layers. The 2nd and 4th layer are made from soft and comfortable microfiber cotton. The 3rd layer features durable memory foam. All these layers result in a comfortable, firm, yet smooth sleeping surface.

Support and Comfort

Designed for comfort, these mattresses offer a 6cm thick bottom and top cotton layers to provide the ultimate support and comfort. The middle layer is a high-quality 5cm thickness memory foam.


Our review has featured the 60×80 (queen-size) mattress filled with cotton and memory foam, along with a 100% cotton covering. The middle layer upgrades this mattress with a high-quality memory foam that stops the mattress from collapsing and offers a comfortable and soft sleeping surface. The cover is dustproof and long-lasting, while the mattress only weighs 14 lbs. These mattresses are available in queen, full, and twin sizes.


  • Constructed with five different layers
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Four sizes to choose from
  • Comes with a strap, making storage hassle-free


  • We haven’t found any drawbacks


5. IKEHIKO Japanese Traditional Igusa Tatami Mattress

This mattress type is often best for those customers who are frequent users of Shikibuton. It is lightweight and is relatively thin as well. This type of mattress may not be recommended for users who like to sleep on soft surfaces. On the other hand, the mattress is ideal for users who prefer sleeping on a relatively flat surface.

Additionally, due to its slimness and lightweight, it is ideal for yoga and meditation exercises.

However, if you have already bought this mattress and you find it too flat for your use, then you can use it beneath the conventional futon. The core fabric and the back of the mattress are not stitched together, implying the product is a single basic item and will remain so for a considerably longer time.

Unfortunately, the mattress product comes with a pretty strong smell, and for users with smell sensitivity, they are better off using the mattress in a well-aired room.

Comfort and Support

As much as the mattress lacks that fancy look common in similar products, the mattress is very comfortable laying or sitting on or even walking over.

Many customers complain of the chemical smell of this mattress. Fortunately, manufacturers are aware of the pungent smell and advise users to air the mattress out in the natural sunshine temporarily.

While using this mattress, the user is cautioned against the impact the mattress might cause on people with allergies?those allergic to grass can experience itchy eyes when one wakes up the following morning.

The amount of comfort offered by this mattress is one of its most robust features. Significantly many customers say they sleep better on it. This Igusa mattress may be the futon you needed.


The mattress is made of very thin and light materials. It is often the best solution for customers seeking a flat mattress to sleep on. The slim and lightweight construction design makes the mattress also ideal for yoga and meditation exercises.

This mattress gives a unique, natural, and non-irritating smell to the user from rush grass grown in Japan.

The fore and backside are made of grass and reinforced with bamboo. The edges of the mattress are coated with a strong fabric to offer extra strength and durability.

The use of grass in the making of the mattress makes the product wholly organic and naturally breathable. The mattress is available in the twin XL and full XL sizes.


  • Remarkably inexpensive
  • Durable due to the high-quality fabric that makes it
  • Offers anti-slip contact with the user
  • Offered in three diffrent sizes


  • They are not considered thick enough by many customers

6. The Traditional FULI Japanese Futon

For someone contemplating investing in futons in their lives, the traditional FULI Japanese Futon is a top consideration among various Shikibutons. It offers maximum comfort to the user with a thick layer of plusher mattress material held in place by an internal frame.

This product is made of moisture-wicking fabric to rapidly remove sweat or liquid material from the mattress’s outer layers and help the bed dry up faster by avoiding moisture saturation, damaging the futon.

The entire of this futon product is made in Japan. The packaging on the product is entirely airtight and is done to protect it from water seepage. However, when new, the buyer will need to stretch out the mattress to regain its original shape and alignment.

Comfort and Support

The mattress’s outer surface is 100% made from pure cotton material to give a comfortable and soft feel to the user. This futon is a form of the quilted mattress with a superior touch and feels compared to most spring mattresses.

Additionally, one can add a tatami mattress to the traditional FULI Japanese Futon if they wish to add extra comfort when they lay on the futon. The traditional FULI Japanese Futon comes stuffed with synthetic material, soft, durable, and makes the mattress breathable.


The outer surface material of the mattress comprises of cotton material that can wick in moisture. This futon is 100% filled with polyester batting that makes the bed soft, light, breathable, and natural at the same time.

The mattress is made by a team of dedicated and well-crafted professionals and comes in standard sizes with a thickness measuring 1.5 to 1.75 inches.

The available sizes include Twin, Twin XL, Full, and Full XL. One can also get a super grade mattress for the Twin XL and Full sizes, which has a higher filling level. Nonetheless, all mattresses, regardless of the size, have a firm and well-founded feel.

We recommend dry cleaning for all types of traditional FULI Japanese Futon.


  • The mattress is moisture-wicking, and the user will not experience the wet feeling under their skin. The mattress is naturally breathable
  • The quilted design gives maximum comfort and support to the user?quilted construction for maximum comfort and support. The quilted design is visually appealing
  • Tatami mat can be used together with the traditional FULI Japanese Futon mattress
  • It is the ideal choice for starters who sleep on the floor
  • The mattress product comes in different sizes


  • The mattress has been flagged as too thin by some users


7. The MustMat Tatami Mattress

The most distinctive feature this mat offers is that it’s possible to fold it into four sections. After folding the mattress, it’s easy to store it. It’s fairly light and highly portable. If you’re in the market for yoga or play mat, you’ll find that this mattress is a terrific choice.

The manufacturer claims that the mat is simple to keep clean. You can use a towel or a soft cloth to wipe away dirt or dust. Once that’s done, you can gently clean the mat using a damp towel. After that, allow it to dry in a properly ventilated area. Please don’t use it again until it’s had a chance to dry completely.

Support and Comfort

Because this mattress is 1.2 inches thick, it provides a firm surface to sleep on. One of the biggest complaints about the mat is that it’s too firm. Luckily, placing a futon mattress on top of the mat can resolve this problem. Layering the mattress and a futon will give you all the comfort that you need.


The surface of this tatami is made from 100% rush grass. The backing is made from a non-woven fabric. The mat’s surface has an appealing beige tone. At the edge, you’ll see a natural-looking shade of green. These two shades compliment each other beautifully and can make any space look more appealing.

There is a single size option for this mat. Its dimensions are 35.4 x 78.7 x 1.2 inches. The manufacturer has stated that if you would like to place a queen-size futon mattress over this mat, you will need to push two mats together.


  • Can be folded up into four sections
  • Simple to carry around
  • Low maintenance
  • Made entirely of rush grass
  • Very light
  • Includes a carrying case made from plastic


  • May be too firm for some users


8. Rolling Bed Japanese Mattress

This Rolling Bed Japanese mattress is the perfect mattress for customers who prefer futon mattress with American design aspects. This mattress is made from the USA by the D&D furniture.

The American manufacturing aspect of the mattress does not remove or compromise the original Japanese design aspects of the bed, which are followed to the letter in manufacturing the mattress.

This mattress measures about 3 inches in thickness and is 90% stuffed with pure white cotton. Additionally, it contains 5% polyester and 5% foam to give the mattress comfort and to make it breathable for the user.

It is relatively light in weight, portable, and easily foldable for camp, picnic, and other ventures.

Comfort and Support

Many of the customers appreciate the firm feel of this mattress and the comfort it offers to the users. Most users with back pain problems report feeling better after an extended period of using this mattress.

Also, people with back pain caused by stiffness from sleeping on a thick mattress can relieve their pain by replacing the thick mattress with the Japanese Rolling Bed Mattress.

This mattress is made of cotton and polyester material, making it easy to fold and store it when its use is not required. When rolled, the mattress can fit in small areas, and its structural shape is regained when taken out of the tiny spaces.

The mattress is shipped in a small packaging box; however, the mattress spreads and stretched fast as soon as the user starts using it.


This type of rolling mattress is made from high-quality cotton material to give the product more resilience and durability. Somebody can use the mattress for many years without the seams or thread coming off.

The mattress is incredibly light in weight and can be tagged along and easily tucked in the car’s boot.

The mattress thickness is about 3 inches, an ideal thickness for sleeping on for most customers.


  • Saves time and space because it is easily foldable
  • The mattress has been proven safe and comfortable to the back of the user
  • The mattress gives value for the buyer’s money


  • It isn’t easy to clean/wash the mattress


9. The D&D Japanese Floor Rolling Futon Mattress

If you’re in the market for a brand-new mattress, you’re sure to be impressed with this option from D&D. The color of this mattress is very appealing, and it’s also large enough to fit two sleepers comfortably.

When it’s not in use, the mattress can be rolled up and stored away. It’s a beautiful way to sleep when you have limited space. This mattress is simple to use and comfortable to sleep on. As a bonus, its covering is polyester.

You’ll be able to adapt to using this mattress without an issue. With that said, one should note that this option is more costly than some of the others listed. It’s also bulkier and on the larger side.

Support and Comfort

Not only is this mattress pleasant to sleep on, but it’s highly portable. You can use it in all kinds of ways. Storing this mattress is easy by just rolling it up. You can use it for picnicking, yoga, or as a way to sleep when you’re in the office. You can even bring it with you when you’re living in a dorm! If you have guests staying with you, but you don’t have a bed for them to sleep in, this mattress is a terrific option. Just spread it out so your guests can get some sleep. The cover on the mattress is removable and washable. All you need to do is unzip the cover and cut all of the ties. In addition to washing it a few times each year, you’ll want to take the futon out in the fresh air from time to time. Doing this can increase the lifespan of the mattress.


This mattress is fire retardant because its outer covering is 100% polyester. Beneath the cover, you’ll find a 1-inch layer of sturdy foam, which provides extra support. The bottom layer consists of a fiber batting made from cotton, which provides a soft surface to sleep on.

It is a thin mattress that is easily rollable for storage. Although there aren’t any fold guides, you can create your folds when storing it.

The mattress is only available in Queen size. The dimensions are 60″ x 80″.


  • Can easily be folded up
  • Straps make storage simple
  • It has an appealing neutral shade
  • It’s easy to take with you
  • It can double as a mattress topper
  • It can be rolled or folded
  • 60? wide X 80? long


  • Brand-new mattresses will have an unpleasant odor
  • It’s on the bulkier side

10. Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon Foldable Mattress

These Japanese futon mattresses are affordable for any person interested in this type of product. Some of this product’s main benefits include the hypoallergenic and antibacterial materials; it is lightweight and promotes trouble-free sleeping.

You can use this mattress for meditation or yoga since it is easy to fold. These lightweight mattresses also make them an excellent alternative for traveling or camping since they are easy to fold up and pack away. These mattresses are packed tightly and take a few days (3 to 4) to inflate to its original full size. It’s a traditional Shiki, high-performing mattress. The customer reviews based on the Luxton Home model are very positive.

The Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon Foldable Mattress is a spacious Twin-Long size (83″). It is the ideal space to read, watch TV, sit on, and unroll easily for naptime.

Support and Comfort

These mattresses not only look traditional and clean; they are also super-performers. The hypoallergenic core is antibacterial, while the cover, made from cotton, adds a level of superior comfort. They are comfortable to rest or sleep on, even though they are thin layered. You can use your mattress as a meditation or yoga mat since this product is easy to fold. These mattresses are also incredibly lightweight, making them useful for outings, camping, or traveling.


Made from 100% cotton, they are easy to keep clean and feel great. This mattress is available in a Twin-Long size. When you order, check on the availability of the Full-Long sizes as well. The Shiki futon is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and lightweight. The Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon Foldable Mattress is ideal for all skin types without causing irritations and is even safe for babies to sleep on.


Incredibly supportive, keeping the spine, neck, and head aligned.

  • Unbeatable price
  • It has an antibacterial, and hypoallergenic core
  • Its lightweight nature makes it useful for travel and to use at home
  • The cover is made from 100% organic cotton
  • Available in Full-Long and Twin-Long sizes


  • Some customers have complained about delays in shipping

11. The Oriental Furniture Tatami Mat

This unusual mattress, which is produced by Oriental Furniture, is made from woven rush grass. What separates it from other options is that it is filled with dry rice straw. According to the manufacturer, this makes the mattress more resilient. Both the rice straw and the rush grass are connected via twine.

Support and Comfort

The tatamis people slept on centuries ago were made by hand. That’s not the case with this mattress, but it is affordable and comfortable to sleep on. Although the mat’s seams are visible, it still offers great value for the price. If you use this alongside a futon, you may find that it improves chronic back problems and helps you get a more restful night of sleep.


Because the tatami is fairly thick, you can place a mat on top of it. It’s very resilient, and you don’t have to be afraid that you’ll damage it. Because it’s durable, it can support mattresses that are on the heavier side. With that said, if you plan to use this as a rug or place heavy furniture on top of it, it could wind up being damaged. Our recommendation is to place plywood between the tatami and the furniture. Doing this reduces the pressure on the mat. This mat is made in China and is sold across the globe.


  • It’s thicker than the typical tatami on the market today.
  • The barrier backing offers protection from moisture
  • Thanks to the rice straw filling, it’s strong and durable
  • It’s available in numerous sizes
  • Has a distinctive and appealing design


  • Individual users have complained that the mat is too stiff


12. Colorful Mart Japanese Futon Mattress

Colorful Mart Japanese Futon Mattress is arguably the mattress with the best breathability feature because it is made from 100% pure microfiber filling. At the same time, the covering material is made from polyester fiber.

This mattress does not come with a surface cover. However, the grey external surface does not stain easily. Additionally, the buyer can also buy a covering sheet to cover the mattress.

One can maintain the mattress by periodically basking it in the sun to dry the mattress and guarantee long term durability.

Comfort and Support

The mattress is very comfortable for the user. Additionally, it is visually appealing from the assortment of the blue, grey, green, red, and purple color the mattress is available in.


This mattress is made by enclosing a soft microfiber within a covering made of 100% polyester.

Most manufacturers recommend using a mat below the futon mattress to support cleanliness and control moisture suction in the mattress.

The mattress is machine-washable.

This mattress is available in various colors and sizes, such as Twin, Full, Queen, and King Sizes, and measures 3 inches in thickness. Additionally, the mattress will require 2 or 3 days before the product returns to standard size after unpacking the mattress.


  • Quite breathable and moisture-wicking to protect the user.
  • Has quilted design to give comfort to the user.
  • It can be used in combo to the Tatami mat, which is also available.
  • Top selection for new floor sleepers.
  • Ideal to be used in large spaces.


  • Quite challenging to wash


13. Magshion Japanese Futon Mattress

Whether you’re looking for a mattress, you can take camping or something that will blend in with your home decor; you’ll be thrilled with this mattress. It’s available in a total of nine shades.

The futon is produced by Magshion, a furniture store based in the United States. The company, which has been around since 2005, sells bedroom accessories, patio items, and more.

Support and Comfort

Since this mattress has 3 inches of thickness, it’s possible to sleep on the futon and nothing else. With that said, if you need an extra layer of cushioning, you can place some bedding beneath the mattress. This mattress is firm, and it won’t slide around as you sleep. You’ll have very few cushion cracks to deal with, even if you use the mattress regularly.


This futon features a 100% polyester, fire retardant fabric cover. It can only be spot cleaned and air-dried. After the cover is a layer stuffed with cotton batting. Beneath this, you’ll find a layer of foam that’s 1/2 inch thick.

Thanks to the batting layer, the mattress is soft enough to sleep on, while the foam layer makes it more firm and supportive. It’s a plush mattress that you’ll love lying down on.

This 3″ thick mattress is available in a total of four sizes: Single, Twin, Full, and Queen. The smallest mattress is 27″ x 80″, while the largest is 60″ x 80″. The weight of the mattress ranges from 11 to 28 pounds.


  • There are four sizes available
  • It can easily be carried, folded, and rolled
  • It’s a basic mattress that’s highly functional
  • It’s manufactured in the USA


  • It’s on the thinner side
  • The cover can’t be removed


14. EMOOR 3-Piece Japanese Futon Set

This 3-piece futon set from EMOOR is a basic and simple futon series made from 100% cotton. These sleeping surfaces are comfortable and hygienic to sleep on. These mattresses are available in a twin-long size. Sleeping close to the floor is a popular trend that adds benefits to your posture and back. This set includes a comforter, Shikibuton mattress, and a pillow. Kakebuton is the name for a comforter in Japanese.

Support and Comfort

The soft-polyester fiber filling will provide you with a comfortable night’s rest. When customers invest in these products, they usually look for comfort at a reasonable price. We agree with these mattresses’ comfort, but the price tag is a bit on the higher end. This sleeping surface is firm, yet not hard enough to hurt your back. Overall, the EMOOR Original Classe Japanese 3-Piece Futon Set has received numerous positive reviews across many online shopping websites, including Amazon.


These mattresses are around 8-inches thick, providing a firm yet comfortable sleeping surface. The futon contains a 2.5-inch polyester pad wrapped inside a softer pad, providing a comfortable, soft, yet firm mattress. The cover features 100% cotton, while the filling is made up of high-quality polyester fiber. It is also antibacterial and anti-mite in nature.


  • Extremely comfortable sleeping surface
  • Easy to fold up for storage, helping to save even more space
  • Supports your back making it the ideal solution if you suffer from back pain
  • The set includes a mattress, comforter, and pillow
  • A versatile combination of a cotton cover and polyester filling


  • You cannot wash the mattress
  • Can take up to a week to return to its original size and shape

15. J-Life Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon

J-Life Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon has received positive reviews worldwide because of the support and comfort it offers to the users. It has received praise world over for its effectiveness in managing back pain and discomfort.

The mattress represents Japanese culture as it is hand-made. During production, no compromise is made to strength and durability; surprisingly, many manufacturers offer up to 5-years of warranty to the user in case of product defects that may manifest after purchase.

The mattress can be stored easily and in a small space as it is foldable into three foldings. It is firm enough to support body weight as it is made from 100% cotton. The mattress can relieve pressure from designated pressure points on the human body.

Comfort and Support

As much as the mattress is made in the USA, the production process and design strictly follow Japanese specifications. All materials used in the production all sourced from Japan. The mattress may be a traditional Japanese one but manufactured in the United States.

This futon is made 100% from pure cotton and measures about 4-inch. Additionally, this futon comes with a removable covering sheet to keep the mattress clean and stain free.


The materials used to make this mattress are 100% natural, firm in touch, and thick in size. The natural color of these materials is also preserved.

However, the mattress is treated with boric acid to provide structural strength and dependability. Boric acid reduces the flammability of the futon.


  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Thick in size
  • Manufacturing is within flammability requirements


  • Heavy to carry about
  • Manufacture involves treatment with boric acid


Who Can Benefit From Japanese Futon Mattress?

  • If you have people visiting you often, and your room is small. A futon is an easy way to free up space.
  • Sleepers of all weight ranges. A futon also works well for guests that are heavier in weight.
  • If you have a back problem. A Japanese futon mattress is an ideal solution if you suffer from lower back pain.
  • With these mattresses’ cotton construction, they are both breathable and durable, making them an excellent alternative for hot sleepers. They are also very easy to store away when you are not using it.
  • Japanese mattresses are cheaper than traditional beds and easy to keep clean.

History Behind a Japanese Futon Mattress

Focusing on minimalist living, the Japanese have long used futons over a traditional western style mattress. Futons are a staple of the Japanese culture, and for thousands of years, the futon has been their go-to piece of furniture. Futons are made of two different parts. There is the Shikibuton, which we would call the mattress. Then, the Kakebuton is more of a thick cover or blanketing used to stay warm. These two different components are typically laid out on the floor somewhere, and when not in use, they are stored in a someplace out of the way.

The Japanese futon also includes a pillow called a Makura, a small and frequently stuffed with either buckwheat or beans. If you are used to our softer western-style pillows, these may feel hard for you. They tend to lift the head too high, and they are not that ergonomic. Perhaps it’s due to their fancy high-top hair fashions of yesteryear.

What Is the Difference Between a Shikibuton and a Futon?

The Shikibuton is a real Japanese futon that features a cotton-filled cushion that is far thinner than an American-styled futon. They are about 3 inches thick, and they easily roll up and are tucked out of the way when not in use. Even the ticker 4-inch ones can readily be rolled up and stored.

In contrast, our Western-style futons are approximately 6 to 8 inches in depth, and they are far too thick to be easily rolled up and stored away. They are heavier and often become a permanent part of the furnishings due to their weight and size. They are also made up of synthetic foam and sometimes an innerspring, making them more like a regular mattress. If you are in a cramped space, these don’t feel as easy to move around and don’t feel like the open space Shikibuton.

What is the Difference Between a Regular Futon and a Japanese Futon?

If you have never traveled to Japan, the dissimilarity between a futon mattress and a Japanese futon mattress may initially be complicated to understand. Both are pliable mattresses made for sleeping. However, a Japanese futon mattress requires neither a frame nor a bed and is very narrow compared to the mattress cushion present on beds or futon sofas.

What Are Japanese Futon Mattresses Made of?

A Japanese futon comprises of a set of materials replacing a Western-style bed. There is a bottom material that does not necessarily have to part of it. It is comfortable, thin, and quilt-like spread placed between the floor and the mattress. The futon mattress follows it, narrow, thin, and lengthy compared to a Western futon mattress. This kind of futon mattress has no spring inside. Instead, it is usually filled with cotton, although silk is used to stuff the luxury versions. The futon mattress is covered by a sheet, followed by a quilt inside a quilt wrapping. The primary Japanese Shiki mattress is two to four inches thick as compared to the Western-style futon mattresses that are six or more inches thick. Somebody can fold the Japanese Shiki mattress after being used.

Are Japanese Futons Any Good for Your Back?

In an online survey conducted, many people who have experienced Japanese futon stated that they are comfortable and ensure proper sleeping posture. They added that it holds up the body very well and is not saggy than some other mattresses. It also bolsters up the whole of your back.

However, they continue to give some warnings. They say that you must air them regularly, mostly in the muggy summer, sweat will make them flat and thin, making you uncomfortable since you will feel the floor under you. Nevertheless, a few hours out in the sun and wind will solve this problem.

Another fact is that the futon requires new materials filled in them after a few years. It is becoming a bit different since some people have futon with pure cotton, whereas some synthetic material is put in in others.

Next is that futons are only useful when you are young. When you get old and need to get out of bed, it can be challenging to get from the ground that is not very pleasing in the middle of the night when it is very dark.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Japanese Shikibuton?

Let us look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying a Japanese futon mattress.


  • Space becomes more multi-purpose when you are using a Shikibuton. You can arrange your area as desired, and you do not have to make any room look like the bedroom or dining area.
  • Shikibutons are safe, and between the mattress and floor, there is little distance, therefore, less chance of being injured if someone falls out of bed. Ideal for young children and the elderly.
  • Futons are firm and offer cushion and support to give you a good night’s rest. For people who complain that their mattress is too soft, futons can alleviate it.
  • Small rooms will feel far more extensive. Since you are putting it away when not sleeping, it makes the room feel and appears far bigger, which can alleviate people feeling confined in a small area.
  • The Kakebuton is very comforting and not too heavy in the winter months. It makes it feel like you’re getting a hug, and it does not feel smothering like a heavier feather or synthetic blanket can.
  • Kids will love playing on the futon instead of playing on the bed where there is a fear of breaking it. They use them as wrestling mats or for other purposes.


  • During sleep, we sweat, and the cotton of the Shikibuton and the Kakebuton can absorb that perspiration. It needs to be aired out in the hot sun to eliminate any odor and ensure it’s hygienic. Otherwise, it can develop bacterial buildup or mold. Proper care is vital to the survival of your Shikibuton.
  • Most futons are hanged on balconies for airing. At times, this can attract dust, pollen, and other debris from the wind, making it dusty and unhealthy to sleep on.
  • Compare to a regular bed; a futon can be annoying because you must get it from the storage and back every day.
  • You need a storage room or space to store your futon. If you do not have space, it can be annoying in trying to hide it.
  • If you have challenges getting up and down on the floor, such as bad knees or other arthritic conditions, these may not be the best option for you and your needs.