What is a Euro Top Mattress?

October 09, 2023 5 min read

Many people love innerspring mattresses. That is because they are bouncy, cool, easy to move, and lightweight. On the other hand, one of its largest limitations is the comfort layer’s lack of support and cushioning. A Euro top mattress can solve these issues. It increases comfort, which helps improve the quality of sleep without the need to switch to memory form or latex mattresses.

This article will explore more into Euro-top mattresses, their benefits, limitation, and reasons why it is the right option for you.

What is a Euro Top Mattress?

Euro top mattress is a type of pillow-top mattress that comes with additional padding layers to add to the comfort level (generally an innerspring mattress). Unlike a normal pillow top, the Euro-top softening is seamed into the mattress cover.  Pillow top soft material is sewn at the top of the mattress.   Seaming adds to its appeal and comfort as well – without the need to change the mattress look.

There are many benefits to sewing padding or adding padding under the cover for that extra cushioning. The patting is sawn even at the sides of the mattress. this is done so that it can offer better edge support compared to standard pillow tops. Furthermore, it gives the mattress more consistency and sleek appearance while being used. In other words, its design helps prevent indentation after being used.

The Materials Used in Making Euro Top Mattress

A Euro top mattress can be made from several high-quality materials. As you probably know, each material offers its benefits and limitations. Let’s not forget the fact that the material used will vary based on the manufacturer.

Latex Foam

Latex is a natural substance that comes from the sap of a rubber tree. Although some latex foam is made in laboratories, a majority of mattresses use pure organic latex.  This makes it eco-friendly and highly comfortable. A mattress that has been made from natural latex is highly responsive and offers a lot of bounce. It also naturally cools for hot sleepers.

On the other side, latex does not isolate motion as well as memory foam. This is why traditional innerspring mattresses combine both latex and memory foam to improve motion isolation.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a product that NASA developed to cushion and offer support to astronauts during launches and reentry. Today, memory foam has increased in popularity to the point where it has become a popular material on the market. That is because memory foam counters any changes like no other material. What does this mean? Well, it means that it compresses underweight and at the same time raises to meet the object for better and comfortable support. It conforms perfectly to the shape of the object.

If you love the feeling like your body is being hugged while sleeping, a memory foam mattress is probably one to consider. If you sleep hot or prefer a lot more bounce, then a memory foam Euro-top is not for you. That is because memory form retains heat and is not responsive as it takes longer to retain its original shape.


This material is also referred to as alternative down. That is because fiberfill is a mixer of rayon, polyester, and other synthetic materials. Fiberfill pillow top is excellent at relieving pressure but does not offer support that comes close to memory foam or latex foam. Let’s not forget the fact that they are less durable compared to other materials. It is not breathable like cotton.

The only benefit of Fiberfill Euro top is the cost. This is the most cost-friendly material on the market and a great option for those who do not wish to spend a lot of money.


Cotton is an excellent material used in Euro tops mattresses and offers pressure relief. However, just like fiberfill, it does not offer added support. It is an excellent solution for those looking for a little cushioning without the need to add warmth. That is because cotton encourages airflow and hence does not retain heat.


Wool is another excellent material for Euro-top if you love sleeping in a warm and comfortable place. It is an excellent material that offers pressure relief, offering similar cushioning characteristics to memory foam. On the other hand, just like fiberfill and cotton, wool is not good supportive material. For this reason, if you are looking for an additional supportive Euro top, then a wool material is not best for you.

Pros and Cons of Euro Top Mattresses

Euro top mattresses are the best option for those who want additional support. However, like all great things, these mattresses come with a limitation as well. For example, due to their design, it can add to the coverall cost. Furthermore, if you prefer innerspring, then Euro top mattress is not the best choice for you.


  • They are comfortable
  • It offers the best pressure relief and improves contouring
  • It comes with a sleek design compared to traditional pillow-top mattresses
  • Provides that extra support and cushioning


  • It comes at a steeper price compared to innerspring mattresses
  • has breathability issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular Pillow Tops and Euro Pillow Tops; What Is the Difference?

Pillow tops mattresses are different from Euro-top in many ways. The extra layer of padding is not sewn underneath the cover of the mattress. Traditional pillow tops are seamed right on top of the covers. This leaves them to appear as an attached topper since the gap between the mattress and the pillow top.

Do Euro Tops Come with Other Types of Mattresses?

The benefit of Euro tops is that they can come with all kinds of mattresses. However, it is important to note that they are mostly found on an innerspring bed. Both the hybrid and memory foam mattresses come with a foam comfort layer. This means adding Euro-top would make it redundant.

Nevertheless, hybrid mattresses are more likely to come with a Euro top or pillow. It is important to note that hybrid mattresses have a layer of coil supports. The only difference is that hybrid mattresses have an inbuilt foam layer at least 2 inches in thickness.

Can I Flip My Euro Top Mattress?

NO! It is not wise to flip any pillow top. If you flip standard or Euro pillow tops mattresses, you will be inverting the correct layout of what it should be (putting the comfortable later at the bottom and the supportive layer at the top).

Rather than flipping your Euro top, consider rotating the mattress. Rotate the head of the mattress to the foot and the foot to the head. Doing this will prevent your mattress from sagging in the spit where you sleep often. It is wise to do this at least twice a year.

Which Is Better, Euro Top or Memory Foam Mattress?

The choice depends on you and is based on what you are looking for. In other words, it will depend on what you are looking for, such as support, pressure relief, responsiveness, air circulation, and many others. Although memory foam mattresses may be warmer and less responsive than innerspring Euro tops, one thing is clear; no pillow top compares to a memory foam mattress when it comes to the support. The supportive nature of memory foam is high.

Is Euro Top the Same as a Mattress Topper?

The difference between a mattress topper and Euro tops is that the topper is a piece added on top of a removable mattress. On the other hand, the Euro top is sewn to the mattress, and you cannot remove it. A regular pillow top is sewn on the mattress cover, while a Euro top is stitched under the cover.


If you want to purchase an innerspring mattress but are wise to have an extra layer of comfort, you should consider Euro tops. That is because it offers the typical sensation of an innerspring mattress joint with the cushioning and supportive material needed. As such, if this is what you are looking for, a Euro top mattress may be the perfect choice for you.