Choosing a Bunk Bed

October 09, 2023 22 min read

When it comes to space-saving solutions, bunk beds happen to be an excellent solution to ensure your child is offered with what they need to provide a restful and peaceful night’s sleep. It can be confusing to find the right type of bunk bed when you are unsure of what you should be looking for. There are many options to choose from, and when it comes to choosing just the right one, the process should not be confusing or a hassle.

This post reviewed 14 of the best bunk beds that come with desks to help you make a more informed buying choice. Also, as we know, preferences differ from individual to individual; we have included the general factors to look for when looking for a decent bunk bed with a desk.

Which Are the Best Bunk Beds With a Desk or Loft Beds?

1. Walker Edison Furniture Company Kids Desk Bunk Bed

This product has received countless positive reviews worldwide, making the Walker Edison Furniture Company Kids Desk Bunk Bed our number one favorite. This bed is the perfect example of a well-balanced and versatile bunk bed. It is also on offer at an affordable price. Even though this product is relatively cheap, this loft bed provides the quality and reassurance that your child will be safe when sleeping on one of these beds.

These tall metal loft beds work well for high school and college students. With ample space for a clothing rack or desk below, these beds are both sturdy and fashionable. This large design supports nine-inch mattresses as opposed to the typical six-inch mattresses for kids. Even though these beds are suitable for adults and teenagers, it is also a safe option for older kids to climb the metal ladder. The height of the bed leaves more than enough space for any activities below. With step-by-step instructions, most people that reviewed this product found it easy to set the bed up.

These beds come in different color options, including black, silver, silver-grey, or white. There are also other styles to choose from, including twin loft, a twin with a workstation, twin-low loft, and the two full-style.

The space under the bed is relatively large, giving you the option to incorporate an entertainment-station or play area for your children easily. You can attach a desk or table that will allow for a computer, laptop, or television under the bed.

The Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Metal Pipe Twin Size Loft Kids Bunk Bed BTOLWH also comes with a sturdy guardrail, metal-support stats, and a ladder.


  • Affordable
  • Constructed out of a high-quality steel
  • Comes in various designs
  • Different styles
  • Comes with a guard rail


  • Suited to one child only
  • Requires specific mattresses with this bed
  • Some of the style options cost more


2. DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk and Bookcase with Metal Frame

This furniture piece is a great asset in your child’s room, especially if you are dealing with limited space. A DHP is safe for your child because it is equipped with metal slats that act as safety rails. The ladder also makes the bed easy to access. Storage is catered for using the shelves located in the study area under the bed.

The bed frame allows you to store a compatible mattress with a maximum thickness of six inches. There are more shelves on both sides of the frame, providing more room for storage. There is also a bookcase on top of these shelves.

The bed comes in two different color finishes; silver or black. The upper area of the bed has full rails with a ladder on the side for easy access.


  • Utilizes metal making it high quality
  • Provides book storage space at the bottom
  • More shelve space
  • Can carry up to 200 pounds in weight


  • Cannot accommodate mattress thicker than 6 inches
  • More expensive compared to competitors


3. DHP Adobe Loft Bed

This kind of bed is every college student’s dream bed. It has an incredible built-in quality and comes with a desk. It can support 350 pounds in total, 300 on the top bunk, and 50 pounds on the desk. It utilizes a small space and still maintains your comfort. It has two ladders on the metal frame, solving all your access problems.

The metal slats, just like in many other loft beds, do not need additional foundation or box spring. It is a convenient work station as it comes with a desk and shelves. The desk is sized compactly to provide extra space for storage and sitting. It comes in two colors. It is also packaged in a single box, making assembly very easy. The frame enables you to organize your things quickly, while the long safety bars give you the freedom to use the mattress size of your choice without having to worry about rolling over.

It is strategically designed with a 4-step ladder at the front and the back, making access easy. The metal bars make the Bed stable, and it does not shake even when kids play on top of it. The guardrails are higher than usual with sharp edges. These may, however, require some childproofing.

The bed comes in silver and black and the style suits teenagers as well. The product has been rated by reviewers as affordable, and they love the fact that it utilizes little space but still provides so much service. With this bed, it is evident that you do not have to sleep in a twin bed to enjoy a loft bed’s convenience.


  • It comes with two ladders, support slats, and strong full-length guardrails made of a steel frame
  • The workstation comes with a desk and shelving space
  • It is safe for children and convenient for adults as well
  • You can get it shipped for free within the US
  • It also comes with a whole year’s warranty


  • Lighting is low at the desk area, and extra lighting is needed
  • Only a 6-inch mattress is safe to use

4. DHP Miles Metal Full Loft Bed with Desk

This piece of furniture is convenient for any apartment or dorm. It is also suitable in rooms with limited space. The metal frames our dark blue, and its style is more modern. The work station beneath it is spacious, with a desk frame that has 58 inches of space.

The heavy metals on the upper bunk ensure that the unit is well supported. The 14-inch guard rails have been strategically placed to prevent any cases of accidents. Without proper rails, children and even adults are likely to fall by accident and injure themselves. The design of this bed minimizes the occurrence of accidents.

This unit accommodates a 6-inch, full-size mattress. The upper section can hold up to 300 lbs of weight. The desk can support up to 50 lbs of weight. Many desks do not hold 350 lbs of weight, but this one can.

The unit has a total weight of 120 lbs. For this reason, the unit needs at least two people to build and install it. Proper installation is necessary to make sure that it does not become loose or make any funny sounds. If you experience squeaky sounds coming from the unit, make sure you add joint lubricants to the joint areas to eliminate the irritating sound.


  • It has a sturdy design with modern features
  • The bed is durable and can give you many years of service
  • It saves a lot of space in your room and still provides ample working and storage space
  • It is a safer unit because it comes with enhanced guard rails
  • It can support a lot of weight, up to 300 lbs
  • The design is not complicated, which makes it easy to understand and put together


  • To prevent the squeaking sound, you have to keep applying lubricants to the joints.


5. DONCO Kids Low Study Loft Bed

DONCO Kids Low Study Loft Bed is one of the beds that is attractive to look at. It comes with many shelves and drawers, which increases its aesthetic value. It is constructed from high quality and reliable pinewood, making it look stunning. It also has a lot of hidden space in it, making the design quite attractive.

The bed is suitable for both small and big rooms, making it ideal for all users. It is designed to offer fantastic style and comfort.

Donco Kids 760 is convenient to use, and you also get to enjoy its modern features.

The bed features construction with non-toxic material, making it suitable for even kids and the general environment. It is a combination of a bed, drawer, bookcase, and desk, making it a multipurpose unit. The bed is suitable for young children with small rooms. When it comes to the weight it can handle, there are no clear cut weight limits.

It is equipped with three drawers underneath that serve as a dresser. There is plenty of shelve space at the end of the bed to store books or toys. The desk is retractable, and it comes with two shelves that provide more storage space for you. It has a perfect workspace.


  • It provides sufficient storage space for your books, toys, or clothes
  • The desk has sliding wheels that make it retractable from under the bed
  • The bed is convenient for a smaller child because they can play, do homework, and craft as well
  • It suits smaller rooms perfectly as it saves on space and still provides additional storage space


  • There is no playing space for a child underneath the unit
  • The bed configuration is not flexible; therefore, you cannot rearrange it.


6. Dorel Living Harlan Wood Loft Bed with Ladder and Guard Rail

Lovers of traditional style will love the design of this one. The slatted design for the foot and headboards is impressive, and they still maintain their functionality. The bed comes with full-length guard rails that promote the safety of the person sleeping on top.

It is a perfect bed for kids because of its easy access. The four-step ladder makes it easy for kids to climb to the top. The top part of the unit is used for sleeping while the bottom part serves as a work station. This suits older kids who want to sleep and study privately in their rooms.

This twin bunk bed has a traditional style to it, which is functional at the same time. We like the slat design for both the footboard and the headboard. With a full-length guardrail, the person sleeping atop is fully secure.

It has a 4-step ladder, which is excellent for your kids. Moreover, the bottom serves as a work station while the top bed is for sleeping. This loft bed is perfect for older kids who can study and sleep in the same room.

The bed is made from wood, making it a very durable addition to your room. However, assembling it is no easy task, and you may need to look for help from someone else. Assembling the unit can take up to 3 hours, according to reviews by various customers.

It comes with an amazing finish and unique wood grain details. The built-in desk has ample working space for storing your child’s items. It has a 5-step ladder for easy access to the top of the unit. The guard rails also ensure that your child’s safety is paramount. It can be placed on one side of the room, creating more space for your kids in the room.

The bed provides a great sense of privacy and independence to your child. However, it is the espresso design finishing that we love most in this bed. The ample space on the work station beneath is a fantastic feature as well. The wood bed can last for years as well.


  • Comes in a beautiful design
  • The ladder makes access easy
  • The construction is durable
  • Suitable for both children and petite adults
  • Easy to set up


  • Needs more than one person to assemble


7. Furniture of America Franklyn Wood Twin Loft Bed

Furniture of America Franklyn has two lofts and also comes with unique finishing. It is a twin loft bed with a desk in an espresso finish. It is ready to hold a mattress, and it has a three-piece workstation under it. It also saves on space using the wood bed bunk. It is designed to facilitate durability and quality.

The bed is characterized by modern designs, a drawer, and a cabinet on its left. The section is suitable for book shelving, storage of school supplies, or knick-knacks. There is ample legroom under the drawer. The bookcase comes with four shelves that provide ample storage for as many books as you have.

The bed comes with a sophisticated design thanks to its modern finishing. The mission-style rails at the top of the unit come in handy in facilitating safety. The headboard and the footboard also provide support so that you cannot fall off. The ladder on the side makes access to the top of the unit much easier.


  • Modern design
  • Comes as a sturdy wood construction
  • The open bookcase provides more storage space.
  • The workstation provides sufficient legroom.
  • Safety is enhanced using guard rails.
  • Easy access to the top through an angled ladder


  • The bed has no record of complaints or disadvantages from customers

8. Naomi Home Low Study Loft Bed

If you’re looking for a multi-functional and stylish piece for a child’s bedroom, then the Naomi Study Loft Bed is a great option. The bed provides extra strength and comfort to keep your child sleeping all night long. It’s fully equipped and comes with an all-new state-of-the-art bookshelf and pull out desk.

These added features make the perfect setting for just about any activity, especially if they plan to study late at night or early in the morning. With all of these essentials, your child will never wake up cranky and on the wrong side of the bed. The Naomi Loft bed makes the perfect addition to a child’s bedroom since it’s designed for more than just sleeping.

The loft bed provides additional storage for books, toys, clothes, or anything else that you’re interested in storing. Safety was on the designer’s mind since it’s low-lying and has an easy-to-climb ladder. Due to the design, you never have to worry about whether your child will fall off and hurt themselves in the same way they do with regular beds.

The bed can hold 80 lbs while the desk can support 38 lbs with ease. Unlike many others, it’s the first of its kind to receive tons of robustly positive reviews. One such review indicated that the bed was just “perfect” for fitting nicely into small spaces. It’s very sturdy and has enough storage space. This bed comes in 4 boxes.

As a result of the compact design, these beds are straightforward to put together. All the pieces come appropriately labeled!


  • The bed comes with a griddle to be secured on the upper part to prevent children from falling during their bedtime hours
  • The study table comes with the furniture and can be easily pulled down when needed
  • The loft bed provides proper support for children with its sturdy structure


  • Some users complained that there were very poor instructions on how to build the Bed

9. Harper&Bright Designs Low Study Loft Bed with Desk and Cabinet

If you’re looking for something solid and can adapt to your family’s needs, this design from Harper&Bright is just perfect. With their most famous creation, both study and rest are combined into one fantastic structure. It also comes equipped with a bookcase and drawers. Your child will enjoy all of the space at the bottom of the bed.

Just about anyone from kids, students, and others can benefit from this structure. Most people are gravitating to this one for its quality in construction. An Amazon reviewer said that this was one of the most well-built bed that he’d ever seen. He even went on to say that it made “a great addition to his daughter’s room.”

Based on the neat design, he could combine the under-the-bed dresser with her existing hangers and drawers to save on space. Just like tons of customers, he was delighted that his daughter used the desk during her quiet moments to draw, color, write, and she’s even becoming more creative by making forts under and between the bed and the wall.

Another reviewer said that his daughter just loves it, and it’s straightforward to put together. He continued by saying that it’s much sturdier than he initially thought. The desk’s design allows any room to feel more spacious and gives kids a lot of storage space that can be used in any way they like.


  • The portable desk rolls out, and it can also be pulled out and used as needed for play and study time
  • A simple design that’s perfect for just about any room
  • Manufactured from some of the highest-grades of wood
  • Features a sturdy 2-shelf bookcase and 3-drawers for storage


  • The assembly instructions are very unclear; you need some skills to assemble the bed

10. Fisher Twin Metal Workstation Loft Bed

Fisher Twin Metal Workstation Loft Bed combines perfect sleep and work together in a stunningly designed piece. ?The bed is located at the top of the structure and can easily access the built-in ladder. Just below the top bunk is the built-in desk. The desk is perfect for those early birds or those night owls.

The entire bed is finished in gunmetal and honey to create a stately look. Unlike many others, the Fisher twin metal has a more appealing and modern design. It’s just one of those pieces that fit perfectly in with everything else in a room. The built-in desk provides the perfect atmosphere where you can get all of your work finished in comfort.

The space under the top bunk can serve as a craft area or a cozy reading nook. The bed can support up to 400 lbs of weight safely. The gunmetal finish makes an elegant and classy finish that compliments both students and bachelors that live in tiny spaces. These are suited for condos, dorms, and others.

The built-in desk is sufficient for holding all of your school or work supplies, and it has enough space for your computer. It has a scratch-proof finish, which is a neat addition to the finish. If you’re looking for easy access, you’ll have that and more with this loft bed.

Fisher provides a lovely classy addition to your small space, and the gunmetal finish works with every type of interior decor. Most bunk beds aren’t made to hold too much weight, but this one is a game-changer with 400 lb capacity.


  • Modern and appealing look with the gunmetal and honey finish
  • Scratch-proof surface that has enough space and a built-in desk
  • Fits nicely with your existing decor
  • Very sturdy and stable
  • 400 lb. weight limit
  • More than enough space underneath the top bunk


  • Does not have drawers


11. DHP X-Loft Metal Bunk Bed Frame with Desk

Creating a comfortable yet unique space for a child is always the goal in mind, and with the DHP X-Loft bed, you can do just that. If your child’s room doesn’t have space for a bed and a desk, it’s a great option to get both in one structure. This fantastic two in one piece has a desk at the bottom and a bunk bed secured at the top.

Due to the design, you don’t have to worry about buying something too bulky. The DHP has a very streamlined appearance, which creates an impression that the space is bigger. The sleek metal frame does a great job of supporting the upper bunk bed with the guard rails. These rails prevent a sleeping child from falling to the bottom.

Getting to the top is even easier with the all-new 4-step diagonal ladder. If you’re looking for a more industrial look, the bed comes in silver. The overall design of the structure is so flexible and well thought out. You can place this bed in the center or the corner of any room.

Unlike other options, this one comes with its own 6-inch coil futon mattress. As a result of how the manufacture made the mattress, it doesn’t emit any harmful VOCs that a regular foam mattress emits. You will enjoy that luxurious feeling and looks from the fitted tufted cover on the mattress.


  • Strong design and construction
  • Suited for modern designs
  • The design is functional and thoughtful
  • More affordable than others
  • Installed easily


  • While you can figure out how to assemble the bed, the instructions are not clear
  • On warm days the metal ladder gets hot


12. Giantex Metal Loft Bed Frame

This bed is made with a solid metal frame, and it features a ladder. It is one of the top beds on the market, and it even comes with secured guard rails. The guard rails ensure you are safe as you’re sleeping in the upper bunk.

This metal used to make these beds are of high quality, and they won’t rust thanks to them being powder coated. The structure is durable, and the design is both unique and compact, which can suit any home’s interior, and it will fit just about anywhere.

The Giantex metal loft bed frame offers plenty of space between the lower bunk and the floor. The space created allows you to store stuff under the bed. Thanks to the wide ladder, you’ll have no problems climbing up and down it. The structure shouldn’t rust either, due to the powder coating.

Another good thing about this bunk bed is its modern look. It will look great in your room, and it will ensure your demands are met. You don’t have to worry about whether or not the bed will look good in your room because it is designed in a way that will look good in any colored room. Furthermore, it’s sturdy and durable.


  • Easy to put together
  • Compact design means it can go anywhere with ease
  • Appealing design
  • Wide ladder
  • Guard rails
  • Durable
  • Metal pipe
  • Multi-functional


  • Poorly written assembly instructions


12. SOFTSEA Low Loft Bed with Desk & Cabinet

Some of the best materials around has been used to make this loft bed, enabling it to last and will not easily fall apart. It is equipped with a sturdy staircase, storage boxes that are built into it. This allows you to store many different items instead of leaving them out in the open.

One of the best things about this loft bed is its sturdiness. Adults, teens, and kids alike will love this bed, especially since it’s comfortable. The draws at the bottom are equipped with castor wheels, which means you can easily pull them out and in. Feel free to store accessories and clothing inside these drawers.

The bed features a wood frame, and it is nearly 31 inches high; therefore, you need to have guardrails on it, preventing the user from falling off it. Besides being able to remove the slide, you can mount the barrier on whatever side you wish.

The two-step staircase is a nice touch, and on the side of it, you’ll find that there are a couple of shelves. The underneath clearance is spacious, too. It doesn’t matter what your storage needs are; this bed will meet them.

It’s sold in several colors. The only thing that people may have an issue with is the price. Although priced highly, it is worth it because of how well-made it is.


  • Supports up to 200 pounds
  • Easy to put together
  • Has a one-year warranty
  • Comes with a slide
  • Spaced slats
  • Easy to install
  • The design is compact


  • It is expensive, and not everyone will want to spend that kind of money


14. Dorel Living Moon Bay Loft Bed

The Dorel Living Moon Bay Loft Bed is a traditionally designed, customizable twin bunk bed. Not only that, but you are sure to have an inviting bedroom once this loft bed is all set up. If you wish, you can add a desk to it. Perhaps the best thing about the bed is that pinewood is used to make this bed. The durable pinewood will ensure it will last for many years to come.

The bed has plenty of space underneath it, and there’s a twin bed on top. The five-step ladder is well-designed too. The bed is equipped with safety guardrails, so you don’t have to worry about someone hurting themselves due to rolling off of the top bunk as they’re sleeping. Besides that, the mattress receives plenty of support due to the pine slats.

You can mount the ladder to whatever side of the bed you wish. The guardrail is full-length, which puts your mind at ease while your child sleeps. Another good feature is the space under the top bunk, as this allows you to install a workstation.

If you wish, you can create a workspace or a couch. Some people might want to turn it into a play area. You are free to turn it into whatever you and your child want.

One of the things we love about this bed is its construction, as it’s made with pine wood. This means it is incredibly durable, sturdy, and reliable. Feel free to get the bed in walnut finish or white finish. Whatever finish you get the bed in, you can rest assured it will look great in the room it goes into. The space below the top bunk is functional too.

If you want, create a workspace so your child can do their homework. You can even create a play area. Ask your child what they want, and the chances are you can convert that space to it. This is, without a doubt, one of the top-selling points of this bed.


  • Mount the ladder on either side
  • Easy to put together
  • Pine slats offer good support
  • Traditional design
  • Guardrails


  • The bed slates could be closer together

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Why Choose A Bunk Bed With a Desk?

All children are usually interested in bunk beds at some stage or another. And we must admit that children are right when it comes to this particular choice. Bunk beds are fantastic space savers and often make having to share a room more comfortable and fun. Bunk beds are also a problem solver for small bedrooms since they provide added floor space. Simultaneously, the space under the bed is a great place to include either a fun play area or a desk.

Aloft bed also provides the option of installing a desk underneath for homework, and some of the loft beds are already available with built-in desks. This is the best option for children that require a dedicated area for a computer setup or to study and do homework. Another easy and innovative idea would be to install a bookcase, a seating area, or a lamp, turning the space into a place to read. Other fun ideas include a loft bed with a tent, which will transform the space into a castle or tent for some added fun.

Another popular feature about loft and bunk beds is a useful space under the bed. If your child doesn’t need a study area, you can add space to great use by adding storage bins, clothes, and shoes. Added storage areas in children’s bedrooms are extremely valuable. This space comes in handy to position a dresser or store toy boxes. If you are looking for more storage, many bunk beds come fitted with drawers or shelves.

Factors to Look for When Choosing A Bunk Bed with a Desk


Bunk or loft beds fit well into small rooms and offer several advantages for big rooms.

Before you buy a bed, measure the available space in the room. In addition to the floor area, work out the height of the ceiling too. You will need a minimum of 2 feet from the bed to the ceiling to avoid accidents or bumps. While the heights of bunk beds vary, the typical bunk bed is typically between 5 1/2 and 6 feet tall.

When it comes to the floor space, it is important to know that even though twin bunk beds usually won’t require more space than standard twin beds, they will require added room for special features like pull-out drawers. Trundle beds and L-shaped bunk beds also need more space.

Bunk Bed Sizes

Bunk beds are available in different configurations and sizes. The standard bunk bed sizes include twin, over twin, twin-over-full, and full over. It is essential to consider the ages of your children and how their needs will change in the upcoming years. Also, consider the bedroom size, floor space, and height with any other pieces of furniture in the bedroom.

Bunk Bed Materials

Many of the bunk beds are either constructed out of metal or wood. Each of these materials comes with its own set of pros and cons. It is essential to know about these when you decide on the material that works for you.

Wooden Bunk Beds

The wood bunk beds are available in different wood types. Some common wood types include cherry, hardwood, to pine, along with many finishes. With all these options, it becomes an easy task to find the right bunk bed to complement your design style. The sturdy and durable frame of wooden bunk beds offers a product that will last for many years. They are cumbersome and heavy to transport and move.

Metal Bunk Beds

The metal frame beds are typically made from tubular metal. These beds are much lighter when compared to wood bunk beds. They are also usually less expensive, and some beds can become squeaky as time goes by. The metal bed styles are usually sleek, offering a more minimalist and modern design style.

Bunk Bed Safety

Bunk beds provide as much space in a bedroom as possible and often create a casual and fun environment. However, due to the elevated designs, the bunk beds do pose a risk. Most bunk beds feature safety features that lower these risks, but adhering to safety guidelines is also essential to minimize injuries. Choose a bunk bed that comes with safety features, including footboards, headboards, and guardrails. It is vital to explain to your kids that it is important to follow the safety guidelines when they use the bed.

Special Features

Special features like storage, study areas, or a play feature such as a tent or a slide are also available. Choose these features according to the needs and age of your children.

For kids that enjoy having friends over for a sleepover, the pull-out beds or a bunk bed with a futon are great options. You can choose a bunk bed that comes with all the features you want or purchase them separately.

It is also worthwhile asking your child what they would want and chat with them about their needs. There may be something that you have overlooked.

How To Choose The Right Bunk Bed With a Desk

The bunk beds that come with desks feature a bed frame that is raised supported by posts. These beds provide under-bed clearance and space that is very useful for children of all ages. One of these examples is using the space under the bed as a play area. The bunk beds with a desk are very functional for teenagers. They can use the space on top to sleep on and underneath for homework, lounging, or for hobbies. These beds are also useful for adults living in a studio or small apartment, as they offer more space for a desk, a lounge space, a TV or sofa, or to store fitness equipment.

Regardless of your lifestyle, personal needs, age, or style preferences, loft or bunk beds come in many styles, price points, and sizes, that we are certain you will find something that you will love. Our favorite loft beds on this list will help you to make an informed choice on how to add one of these beds to your children’s room, a teen’s room, a dorm room, or even to your studio or apartment.

We suggest going over the buying factors from our buyer’s guide so that you are aware of the styles, prices, materials, and constructions before you decide to buy one.

Qualities of A Good Quality Bunk Bed With A Desk

Durability and Materials

Many of the bunk beds that come with desks are made from wood, metal, or combinations of both materials. Metal beds provide an industrial, modern appeal while wooden bunk beds look traditional and rustic. The metal beds are often coated using a powder-finish. This finish resists chipping, rust, and scratches.

Guardrail Length

One of the important features to consider before you buy a loft or bunk bed that comes with a desk is the guardrails. These beds come with a guardrail on either one side or on both sides, or without any guardrails. Double, full-length guardrails are suggested for sleepers and kids of any age who move around a lot when sleeping.

Size and Style

Lofts beds come in various styles, colors, and sizes. The more expensive beds come with drawers that maximize space in a room using built-in storage. Some of these beds also come with drawers in the stairs risers that lead up onto the bed. Others come with a chest of drawers or built-in shelves.


The price of loft beds mainly depends on the materials used to construct the bed and the size. However, certain brands such as Pottery Barn are always going to be more expensive regardless of model or make. Children’s loft beds generally cost between $150 to $500, while loft beds for adults generally cost between $300 and $800.

Space-Saving Alternatives

If you do not like the idea of loft beds, there are many other space-saving beds or sleeping surfaces to choose from. Some of these include trundle beds, bunk beds, or sleeper sofas. Each type offers a unique way to provide more space in a room.