Why Should You Buy an Air Mattress? Pros and Cons of Air Mattresses

October 09, 2023 6 min read

Air mattresses use air as a source of support and are typically made of vinyl, plastic, or rubber fabric. In addition to being a regular bed, they can serve as temporary guest beds and can be used on outdoor and backpacking trips. Throughout the article, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of air beds. Many mattresses are made of latex foam, memory foam, or springs, so why would you consider an air mattress? To help you determine if an air mattress is right for you, here are some of its advantages and disadvantages.

What Are the Advantages of an Air Mattress?

Mattresses serve two purposes: they provide a comfortable sleeping surface and provide your body with the proper support while you sleep. What is the air mattress’ role in fitting these two requirements, as well as any other requirements you may have?

The following advantages and disadvantages of air mattresses should answer most of your questions. Below are a few common questions. Is an air mattress a good investment? Read on to find out.

Adjusting the firmness of the mattress

If you order a foam or innerspring mattress, you can only choose the specified firmness level. Whether your mattress is too soft or too firm, you can fix it with only three solutions:

  • The vendor will probably change the mattress for a fee, though this can be expensive.
  •   Buy a mattress topper – this solution is more expensive, but it generally works better when placed on a hard mattress. It may not always be possible to solve the problem of too soft a mattress by adding a firm topper.
  • Accept the consequences of your decision and learn to live with it.

If your back is hurting, or you have hip, shoulder, or other pressure points pain, that last choice isn’t ideal. There is no guarantee that mattress toppers will cure the problem, and you will still pay more than you had budgeted for your mattress. Is it worth it? Why risk it when there is an easier option?

You can choose the firmness level that feels most comfortable for you when you have an air mattress – sometimes called an air bed. You can make it harder or softer by pumping in more air or releasing some. It will even adjust the firmness to fit your needs if you’re sleeping alone or with a partner! Conventional mattresses cannot handle the pressure put on them by two people.

Adjustment of the support

For those with back pain, arthritis, or painful joints, a firm mattress that supports them is best, but also one that is soft enough to accommodate their pressure points (hips, knees, buttocks, shoulders, etc.).

Air mattresses are popular among people living with arthritis since they can adjust their firmness at any time. It is perfect for people who need to modify the firmness or softness of their mattresses while they sleep. According to the instructions below, you can adjust your mattress’ hardness or softness if you experience pain while sleeping.

If you prefer a softer mattress, there are two options with an air mattress. Most people find this one of the benefits of using an air mattress. There are a few things you can do:

Fill the mattress to the firmness level you prefer, or reduce the air in the mattress.

To measure the benefits of the air pressure fluctuations, you can fill a firm mattress to that level when lying in bed. Filling it to that level will allow you to see the difference. A soft topper would provide added comfort. Having the benefits of an air mattress plus the comfort you need is what you will enjoy when you lie on a hard mattress core.

There is no sagging

Most foam and spring mattresses become less supportive after a few years. Due to constant strain on springs, Foam can droop, and springs can lose their spring. Air mattresses do not suffer from these problems. If your mattress begins to feel soft, just pump in extra air. Spring breaks are not a concern, nor does the foam degrade, leading to the mattress losing its support.

Resist heat

The memory foam mattresses you normally sleep on are likely to keep you warm unless they are gel foam mattresses. Additionally, latex foams may be able to retain a portion of your body heat through the night. An air mattress doesn’t have this problem, and an air mattress allows you to sleep cool all night.

Contamination and gassing.

Synthetic foam mattresses may omit a chemical odor, especially when they’re new. Most innerspring and pocketed spring mattresses are cushioned with foam – the same principle applies! There is no odor with air mattresses. They’re made of PVC, which is odorless and does not release gases. In addition, they don’t keep bedbugs and dust mites at bay.

Couples sharing. 

Memory foam mattresses have the advantage of allowing couples to move separately due to their good movement separation properties. The movement of one person in a bed does not affect their partner as much as spring beds do. It is possible to buy air mattresses that have two independent chambers. If your partner moves around in their section, you don’t have to worry. It has little effect on you since the chamber is inflated to their preference. Their movements are restricted to their section of the bed.

Portability of an air mattress.

If I travel frequently, do I need an air mattress? Air mattresses or air beds can be used on any surface, even the floor, making them very versatile. It is certainly acceptable to bring your bed if you wish. If you’re concerned about sleeping through the night, you may even put it in the water.

Air mattresses have many advantages and drawbacks as a practical solution for unexpected overnight guests. In this case, your mattress will go wherever you do. Simply pump the mattress with an electric or hand pump at night to get it inflated. It doesn’t matter where you put your bed; you’ll get a good night’s sleep.

Beneficial to your children

Air mattresses can benefit both adults and children. In addition to being chemical-free, PVC beds don’t need harbor bedbugs, dust mites, or other allergies.

The Disadvantages of Air Mattresses

Most users overlook the shortcomings of air mattresses because they enjoy the concept and consider a little inconvenience worth it in the end. However, the inconvenience can be quite severe.

Punctures and leaks in air mattresses.

As with any pneumatically controlled equipment, leaking and puncturing are possible with air mattresses. Punctures to vinyl surfaces are rare, even if they are possible.

While you should be aware of punctures and leaks when deciding whether to use a mattress in your bed, it may not be a deal-breaker. It is most common for leaks to occur at the seams, whether around the perimeter or in the mattress’s body. In most cases, you can repair your air mattress if it develops such a puncture, so you will not shorten its life.

Mattress surface.

You don’t have to worry about air mattresses, but it makes them feel more comfortable. You can choose between a flocked top and a flocked bottom. If you have the option, you should choose both sides. As a result, both sides of the mattress enjoy a more pleasant surface, making the mattress truly ‘flippable’ and not just rotational.

Issues Not Listed Above

Using pumps at night may not be recommended because some pumps may be loud. Children sleeping in a room may be particularly affected. Are most people concerned about this, however?

The warranty period for air mattresses is limited. In most cases, the warranty lasts one year. However, what is involved in repairing the mattress? You can repair an air mattress puncture with a cycle repair kit.

Is it Worth Investing in an Air Mattress?

Air mattresses are a less expensive alternative to memory foam mattresses if you suffer from back pain or other pressure points while sleeping. An air mattress is the best option if you need to travel with a mattress. You will inflate your mattress quickly with an electric pump, but you should also bring a hand pump! The inflatable can be packed and taken on the trip, then inflated as needed.

Seeing as you’ve reached this point of contemplation, the correct answer is probably yes. You can use air mattresses on the ground or your carpet for a comfortable sleeping experience. With the wrong setup, you’ll end up with an air bed that’s not useful for vacations, camping, or fishing.